In Life on May 14, 2012 at 10:45 pm

We have figured out what I am…my brain space and ma-self.

A Goose.

A silly one.

The one that gets ducked and jumps up.  That flaps her wings in circles and harumphs…in a pile of feathers to the grass again.

Last night at the concert ma mama and me waited and waited and did I say, waited!, for the man with the fast Fender hands, in the chairs, and people bought beers and we named birds.  I lost.  I had cockatoo and blue footed booby on my side, even if that last one’s only an island dweller.  She had wren and ostrich (how could I forget ostrich!) and flamingo and pigeon.  And her maiden name was Segal; this was no fair fight.

Anycockadoodle doo, when she said “Goose” last night, I didn’t blink twice.  Today I know she really said, “You.”

Don’t call me Mud; call me Mud-dweller, you know go ahead, call me Goose.


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