A Few Minutes of Honey

In Life, Love, Poetry on January 21, 2012 at 1:35 am

I need a few minutes of honey.

Not ten minutes, not twenty-five, not sixty.

Just a few.

I will stick them between my hands

And rub them across my palms and it will feel


And when they pull apart lazily

Like a cat’s cradle, it will be


Because you will unravel them with me

Not with your hands but with your eyes

On mine, watching

My amber-drip fist

Bear cub into my mouth,

Where each sticky loop will fold into and under itself upon my tongue –


Into atoms

Into quarks

Into figilblops

And donlidoops

And the smaller and smaller things inside the sweetness

Birthing backwards –

Until the end is so far gone, it’s just made of me,

Which is made of the minutes

I spend with you.

  1. Once again you took my breath away and returned it, BAM. Like I was breathing innocence and passion with the oxygen. Keep on sharing your words. You make my day every time.

  2. Beautiful and just begging to be read outloud so I did. Your blog is wonderful.

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